Features & Benefits

Esoftchurch was designed to help you properly manage your precious members data.


Manage Member’s Bio-Data

Register, save and edit member's data + pictures. Manage the data for effective shepherding of your members as a faithful steward.


Auto Birthday/ wedding Messaging

Daily automatic SMS will go out to all birthday and wedding anniversary celebrants


Advanced Search

Find any member in seconds with any of his/her details that you have such as name, phone, department, residence etc.


Show True Love & Care

Show members you truly care by sending them relevant messages that solve their problems. E.g. job alerts to the unemployed


Import/Export Membership Data

You can easily import your members data or we can do it for you free. Also export data how you like and when you like to print your follow up, attendance, or finance reports.


1st Timers/New Coverts Reports

Extract reports of 1st timers/new converts by dates and duration.


Your Church Data Is Secured & Accessible

Unlike the old method of storing your data on a virus prone laptop which if attacked, damaged or stolen makes all your hard-gathered members data unavailable, storing your data in your Esoftchurch cloud account is better for everyone including you and your members. With the right login details, you can access it whenever and wherever you want.


Church Membership Follow Up System That Works

You can easily find members or workers who live in any specific location to follow up 1st timers or new converts who live close to them.


Track your Follow up efforts

You can easily find out which of your members, 1st timers and New converts have not been followed up and who should follow them up. Easily schedule any member for a follow up, appoint a counselor to report back


Manage Church Cashflow

Record offerings, tithes, vows, donations, expenses; inflows and outflows of money. Analyze by comparing figures for different weeks or months to see whether you are growing


Reports, Reports, Reports

View or export reports of various church activities such as attendance, cash-flow, expenses, upcoming celebrants, service reports, etc.


Any Members’ Data Is A Click Away

No longer far away, just think of a member and you can find them. See their giving history, add notes about them.


Add More Users To Help You Manage

Add your department heads, staff, volunteer church workers as users to help you administer your members data, Restrict their access to their department, church group, or function e.g. Follow Up, etc


Manage Church Attendance Reports

Record your attendance at every service, easily analyze your attendance reports by comparing week to week or month to month.


Membership Data Analysis

Want to know all lawyers or doctors or plumbers in your congregation? Want to know all expectant mothers (married but waiting for the fruit of the womb)? Find them easily.


See All Upcoming Celebrants

All upcoming birthday or wedding celebrants & their phone numbers are listed daily on your celebrants page so you can call and show you care.


Automated Management

Auto Vow payment reminders, Auto weekly and monthly church reports, Auto follow up reports, Regular Auto Thank you message to every tither.


Add/Manage Children & Teenagers Data

You can also record and manage your children church and teen church data so you can identify their parents from their data and other crucial information. Your children church workers will need this.

Esoftchurch Has All You Need In A Church Management Application

– Intelligent Church Membership Database Management – Church Attendance Recording & Monitoring – Church Cashflow Management: Tithes, Offerings, Vows, Donations, Expenses – Church Members Follow-Up System

Your Church Members Will Be Delighted To Be In Your Church

Esoftchurch is a chance for you to redefine how you communicate with your members by sending them personalized and relevant messages Send personalized or customized messages

Send personalized or customized messages

Send personalized or customized emails and/or SMS to any or all members. Do you want to attach a member’s first name, last name or full name to a message? or even their title? e.g. Hello “Janet”, or “Miss Anita”. Esoftchurch does these effortlessly for you whether you are sending to one or to hundreds of members. This will make your church members feel recognized and special.

Send Specific Messages To Specific Member Categories

You can send SMS/Email to members by their specific membership categories like workers, members, 1st timers, new converts, or ministers. You can also send messages to members based on their occupation, parental status, marital status, gender, church group (Youths, Men, Women, etc.). Examples are:

– You can send job alerts to the unemployed,

– Send parenting tips to parents,

– Send business tips to business people,

– Happy Marriage tips to married couples,

– Relationship tips to the singles,

– Fatherhood tips to the men

Our Clients

They trust us.

Keep Track Of Your Follow Up Department

Esoftchurch is a smart Church follow up system and with it you’ll be able to record and save details of all your follow up exercises for 1st timers,new converts and members. Easily detect which members have not been followed up or have been followed up including the last date they were followed up, who followed them up and how they were followed up.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Esoftchurch?

Esoftchurch is a smart church management application that helps you communicate effectively with your church members and keep track of other important church metrics like attendance, cash-flow, and events.

Do I need a credit card to register?

No you dont! When you register, you’ll have 21 days to try out our solution and determine for yourself how it can help you easily manage your church members and data. There after, you can proceed to make payment.

How is Esoftchurch different from excel or outlook?

Esoftchurch brings in a lot of automation to the management of your church data and we relieve you of manual tasks you would have undertaken by yourself on an excel spreadsheet like auto birthday/wedding anniversary alerts, or like when you are searching for ‘fathers’ in your data, you don’t do it manually on Esoftchurch, etc.

Why do we need to pay for sms when we are paying for using the platform?

Esoftchurch has myriads of other benefits for your church that doesn’t involve SMS. Paying for SMS units is on per usage basis meaning you only buy when and what quantity of SMS units you need. You can add other users to your account to manage other aspects like follow up, church attendance, etc.

I like Esoftchurch, what should I do next?

Great! Just sign up, verify your email and start adding your members data.

I have my members data on an excel sheet, can I import them?

This makes it easier. You can easily import them into the Esoftchurch platform. Alternatively, we can do it for you at no extra cost, simply contact us at hello@esoftchurch.com for free help!

In case I am no longer interested how do I get my members data back?

You won’t be able to access your data after you cancel, but if you need to export, contact us and we will give you temporary access to do so. (We’ll never hold your data hostage!)

What if we have more than 3,000 members?

If you have more than 3,000 members, then contact us for a custom quote that will suit your church

Are our information safe where it is kept?

Your information is very safe. Information going in or out of Esoftchurch is encrypted with top grade SSL encryption facility. It is also safer than your local computer which can get attacked by virus at anytime causing you to loose all your precious members data.

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