Esoftchurch plays a very significant role in church growth in that it proffers solution to the kind of problems usually faced by at least 9 in 10 churches, of which one of them is the problem of consistently being in touch with church members in a specific and personal way. Many churches are ignorant of the effect of this oversight, until the consequences play out, which more often than not leads to rapid loss of members to other churches that do better. Esoftchurch, as a result producing Church Management Web based Software has various smart technological features which can help a church leader achieve value based relationship with his or her members. All of these is to help produce massive, rapid and sustainable church growth.

Below are 30 ways your church can benefit from using Esoftchurch:

    1. You can Automate Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Messages to your Church Members: Birthdays and anniversaries are special days which should be celebrated. You can’t possibly know all the dates of birth and wedding anniversaries of all your members and even if you do, will you remember to faithfully reach out to each of them on these days? Well I don’t think so. No worries as Esoftchurch automatically sends SMS or Email of your choice to them. Now you can be part of who made their day special.
    2. It Analyzes your Church Membership Status to show a snapshot of the composition of your membership database: Esoftchurch gives an exact figure of the status of your members, in terms of How many members belong to all professions, genders, marital status i.e. how many doctors, teachers, business people, unemployed people. it can also analyze the number of males and females in your church. How many people are single, married or widowed, it tells you the number of persons that belong to each department. Giving an exact figure of whatever you need to know about your database. This can help inform your outreach strategy, for example if there are more business people in your church; you can also prepare sermons that will help them excel in business. The same applies to unemployed members too.
    3. You can find information on any church member at any time: Esoftchurch has a quick and reliable membership search engine, that enables you to find a member with any peculiar information you have about him or her such as Name, Gender, Parental status, Occupation, Church department, Marital status,Address or even church group etc. It ends the frustration of stressful searches or searching through volumes of paper.
    4. It partners with in you in helping the New converts, 1st Timers Abide:It helps you make the sheep abide with regards to following up on New Converts and First timers. You can program a series of timed messages to automatically send out to every new convert or 1st Timer you enter into your database. It starts sending as soon as you enter their data. You can send out a time-spaced out series of impactful faith provoking SMS or/and Email to them, which fires, enlightens and encourages their new found faith in Jesus, as faith comes by hearing. These messages will be spaced out and continue over a time frame you have selected.
    5. You can Record and Save Follow up Exercises and Reports: Esoftchurch follow up and counseling reports just got way easier and faster, as you would be able record and save serious data of the follow up such as method of follow up, response of the member followed up, recommendation of the counselor, etc.  You can also send SMS/Email to those followed up.
    6. You effortlessly Generate Follow up Report: With Esoftchurch you are just a few clicks from generating a comprehensive follow up report of date of follow up, names of those followed up, the counselor who followed up each of them, the method of follow up, and some more details..
    7. You have location independent Access to the information of your Church Members: You can access your church membership database at any time, any day and anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Time and place is not a hindrance to doing what needs to be done in order to add value to the lives of your precious church members.
    8. You can Upload CVs of unemployed church members:You can upload the CVs of your unemployed church members into your Esoftchurch account, so that should when any urgent opportunity arises for them you will be on top of your game and respond accordingly. From Esoftchurch you can forward their CVs to anybody who needs it to give them employment opportunities.
    9. You can send Job alerts to unemployed church members: You can also send job alerts via SMS or Email to only your unemployed church members. With Esoftchurch you can effortlessly sort them out and send them any message you need to. You can send messages on skill development, employ-ability skill, packaging for interviews, or starting their own business, etc.
    10. You can send specific messages to Specific people: Since Esoftchurch can analyze your church members, you can send specific messages to specific people, messages that relate to them intimately and on a personal level. This means sending targeted or checkmated messages. This is like giving the right prescription to the right patients. For example, send tips on parenting to parents, send tips on business success to business people, send fatherhood tips to fathers, academic excellence tips to students, and much more like these etc.
    11. You can  Manage church departments: You can credibly manage each department in your church, having a solid up to date list on each member in each department. You can send out SMS or Email to any specific department or a selection of departments.
    12. You can send individual or group messaging: Send SMS or Email to any church member, all church members or a selection of church members when there is need to pass an urgent message or any kind of message to members.
    13. You can Send Devotionals / Messages / Tracks by Email to members: Seeing that the spiritual stamina of your members is of utmost importance, hence with Esoftchurch you can send devotionals or even messages to your church members on a daily, weekly, monthly or any basis as you see fit.
    14. You can Export and Print any data you need:
      You can export and print any information on your church members that you require in soft copy for example you can export and print follow up report, members database, workers database, list of 1st timers between a certain duration, etc.
    15. You can easily detect which 1st timers or new converts have not been followed up: Esoftchurch helps you easily detect members that have not been followed up. When you input a First timer or New convert and you don’t follow up on them and record report on the supposed a follow up exercise, their names will be marked with “Not Followed Up”.
    16. You can create groups for different segments of your church:For example, you can create a pregnant women or/and nursing mother group as these are delicate phases in a woman’s life. You can program an autoresponder message(SMS or/and email) series for them so that within a set time frame they will automatically receive pregnancy tips, tips on nursing a baby, tips on exercise, breastfeeding, hygiene, healthy living, sex as well as prayer points and scriptures on safe delivery, prophetic utterance for babies and the unborn, etc.
    17. You can reach out to only women specially:This you can do by sending SMS or Emails to them, giving them motherhood, sex, romantic, cooking, cleaning and romantic tips as well as bible scriptures stating their roles, send them suggestion on books to read that will make them  great and unusual wives and mothers. Notify them on upcoming women programs: Meeting, seminar or conference.
    18. You can reach out to only men specially: Send them messages via SMS or email that can transform them to be men after the order of Jesus, Joseph, Abraham, and Joshua etc. Notify them on upcoming men programs: Meeting, seminar or conference. Make out of the Men in your church men of exploits and vision by maximizing the power of words. Keep rolling in the messages.
    19. You can create a youth group: The youths are no doubt the leaders of tomorrow, you can create a group for them to make their administration easier. You can send them messages to help renew their minds to overcome the well packaged vices of this generation. You can send them wisdom nuggets and other types of messages. Notify them on upcoming youth programs: Meetings, seminars or conference.
    20. Your dashboard shows a slide show of your members pictures:Pictures of members can be uploaded. It is easier to forget someone name than someone’s face. Pictures of all your members will form a slideshow on your dashboard, so that in case you coincidentally see the picture of a member you have not seen in a long time, you can reach out.
    21. You can manage church committee groups:Many a times church committee groups such as anniversary, building, marriage etc. are not properly managed especially because they function periodically and momentarily. There are different groups in your church Esoftchurch can help you manage them productively, you need not run helter-skelter before you reach out to them when the need arises.
    22. You can Schedule Follow up exercise(s):This function makes you plan your follow up exercise ahead of the time for maximum results. It helps you determine those you want to follow up and the counselors involved. As well as schedule reminders to ensure the activity is not forgotten but carried out.
    23. You can create different message templates for each of your church categories: Esoftchurch makes provision for you to create and save different message templates both in SMS and Email formats that you intend to send out to different categories of your church members. For example, you can create a separate message to go out to workers on their birthdays, then a separate one for ministers, etc. You can also create a special instant message (SMS and/or email) that will go out to 1st timers and new converts as soon as their names are added to the database. This will save you the time to add their names before going to send them a ‘welcome’ or ‘New Birth’ SMS or email.This instant message template is different for New converts and 1st Timers.
    24. Manage Business people: The world has its mindset/methods of doing business so also the kingdom of God, it’s important that Christian business people are taught and encouraged to stay in the faith and not to stray. True life stories, scriptures can be sent to them via email to help them on their business journey.
    25. Upcoming Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Notifications: On your dashboard and on the upcoming celebrants page, you will be alerted on an upcoming members birthdays or wedding anniversaries, so you can make preparations as the need arises or specially call and pray for them.
    26. Send personalized or customized emails and/or SMS to any or all members:Do you want to attach a member’s first name, last name or full name to a message? or even their title? e.g. Hello “Janet”, or “Miss Anita”. Esoftchurch does that effortlessly for you whether you are sending to one or to hundreds of members. This will make your church members feel recognized and special.
    27. You can schedule message(s): You can schedule series of messages to send to all your members or a specific group of members. This saves both time and energy as you can schedule messages for up to five months and more. Which means you will not lose sight of or contact with members even in your most tedious, tight or busy days.
    28. Your data is backed up: Esoftchurch is not limited like your regular computer that can crash or record sheet that can be destroyed, stolen or lost. Hence the information of your church database is secured. You will not lose any of your information as they are securely recorded and saved in the cloud.
    29. You can program your weekly event messages ahead:For your weekly bible study or prayer meetings or even Sunday services, you can program different or the same messages for weeks upfront so that you don’t need to start thinking of what reminder message to send every week to invite members for the weekly programs. Doing this repetitive task upfront will save you time and help you focus on the most important task.
    30. Stay consistently, creatively and superiorly in touch with your church members:Find an article online you think your business members should read? Find a picture online you think you need to share with your workers? Find a story online you think fathers should read? very simple! just send it via email to the specific group concerned. Through the email interface, you can send stories, pictures, article links, etc that may be too voluminous for SMS. Send it via email in just one or two clicks.
    31. Calculator: Esoftchurch provides a calculator for your convenience.

Esoftchurch is the solution you have been waiting for in managing your church members productively, it helps bridge the ideal communication gap, that gap between where your church is and where your church should be in terms of membership outreach and communication.
It easy to use. Click Here to Sign up NOW and you will be glad you did.